Rick Perry reckless with ‘Ponzi’ claim

Rick Perry has made a strong push for the GOP presidental nomination. (AP Photo)

Anybody remember Bernie Madoff? He’s the investment banker that got thrown into Federal prison for running massive financial fraud that subsequently paid out billions of dollars in profit to his biggest investors like J.P. Morgan, while most of his subsequently smaller investors lost all their money. To put it simply, they entrusted him with their money, and he gave it away to his biggest clients disguised as profit from his investment firm. This is a Ponzi scheme.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas and a Republican presidential hopeful for the upcoming 2012 elections asserted at the Republican debates last Wednesday that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme,” designed to screw over younger generations since its benefits won’t allegedly last long enough for us to see them.

Rick Perry is reckless with his words. An elderly couple living in Boca Raton, Florida isn’t getting millions of dollars because young, middle-aged, and old Americans are dutifully paying their income tax.

Millions of retired Americans who have worked their entire lives deserve to get a small monthly check to help them stay afloat and live the rest of their lives with some dignity.

The real problem isn’t Social Security because everyone knows that Social Security is a consequently expensive program so American citizens can receive some minimal help at the end of their lives when they are too old to work.

The real problem is part of a bigger picture. Peace negotiations between American and Taliban counterparts have already been taking place and soon the Iraqi and Afghan campaigns will be relatively finished. The real question is: will we continue to pay out a defense budget that claims half of our government’s expenditures?

There’s the 3000 man army the CIA has in Afghanistan no one knows about, the lush palaces of corrupt Afghan president Karzai’s cronies, and the millions of dollars we spend preparing and researching technologies for future wars we’re apparently going to have in the coming decades.

Is Social Security the problem of all our woes? Perry obviously wants to appeal to young voters when he talks down on a program colloquially known for benefiting the retired, even though in reality it benefits a lot of young and middle-aged people as well.

Perry is taking a cheap shot at one of the most humanitarian beneficial government programs afforded to American citizens. No, the real problem is the insane amounts of money our country spends on not only armed conflict, but researching for future wars and paying out corrupt governments to do our short-term bidding.

The middle-east is changing quickly, Libya will have a new government, Egypt had a revolution, and Iraq and Afghanistan will soon have to handle themselves.

The real question is how aggressive our country will be after we finish these two wars officially.

Some politicians and CIA pencil pushers would like to increase our defense budget even more, so they can fund the next war and buy the next high tech unmanned submarine.

I think otherwise.

It’s time for America to be more concerned with its people, its industry, and its own well-being instead of invading new countries and rebuilding them like erector sets ready to be blown down by the winds of cultural contrasts and chaos.

It’s a new decade now.

It’s time to rebuild our country, not the one where British Petroleum likes to drill for oil without having problems with the locals.

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