Telekinesis’ second album filled with simple charms


“12 Desperate Straight Lines”

Michael Benjamin Lerner’s second album, “12 Desperate Straight Lines,” is full of simple and straightforward, but more than enjoyable, rock melodies. The album is full of stripped-down indie rock and Lerner certainly has not lost any talent since his band’s 2009 self-titled debut.

The album kicks off with an upbeat track, “You Turn Clear In The Sun.” It opens with some simple strums of an acoustic guitar and Lerner’s rough voice. But soon the drums kick in and Lerner’s voice smoothes out and the song turns into a catchy track.

If you’re looking for catchiness, you do not have to go much farther than “Car Crash.” The song features an electric guitar and is much more percussion-based. Standout moments include a quick and severe hook and chorus as well a great breakdown.

Lyrically, Lerner is solid and emotional but manages to stay away from overwrought language with his straightforward style.

Telekinesis isn’t incredibly innovative, but innovation isn’t why you listen to Telekinesis. “12 Desperate Straight Lines” contains songs of simple joy without a bitter aftertaste.

Key Tracks: “You Turn Clear in the Sun” and “Car Crash”