‘Pixels’ artist exhibits at College

November 10, 2010 Emily Brill 1

The brain behind the balls is back. Willie Cole, the artist behind last year’s “Pixels” public art installation, has had his work prominently displayed outside the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building since Nov. 2, 2009. […]

Ensemble ‘blows’ crowd away

November 10, 2010 Signal Contributor 0

By Annette Califano Correspondent The somber, tribal rhythm from the percussionist steadily built up into the frenzied dance. It felt as though the audience had been transported to a remote village in the Amazon. The […]

Acoustic conclusion to Decaf

November 10, 2010 Shaun Fitzpatrick 0

WTSR presented the third and final installment of its “Decaf” series in T-Dubs last Thursday, Nov. 4. The three acoustic solo acts created a mellow atmosphere for diners and drew in a crowd of friends […]

Around the Dorm

November 10, 2010 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Week 10 of AtD brings us Caroline Russomanno as “The Ref.” Sports Assistant Brandon Gould, Staff Writer Kevin Lee and Correspondent Joshua Steele answer whether the Yankees should resign Derek Jeter after his worst MLB […]

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