College student’s home robbed in one of two Ewing home invasions

Two homes in Ewing Township were invaded last week — one incident involved armed gunmen at a student home and the other resulted in injury.

Officers were dispatched on Tuesday, Oct. 26 to a home on Hazelhurst Avenue after residents reported the intrusion of masked gunmen, The Trentonian reported.

“A (College) student was one of the occupants of the residence involved,” stated Lt. Gerald Jacobs, in an e-mail.

While the three victims were sitting in their living room, “four unknown, tall black males, three with handguns, came into the house,” Jacobs told The Trentonian.

Reportedly wearing hoodies and bandanas, the individuals demanded the victims give up their wallets and cell phones, and to tell them “where the ‘weed’ was.” They gave over belongings, but told the invaders they did not know what weed they were referencing, The Trentonian stated.

After, the invaders went upstairs in the house and unsuccessfully attempted to get into two rooms where victims had locked themselves in.

“The suspect went back downstairs while the other three searched through the first floor,” Jacobs said in the news report. “The suspects then left the house, and one victim ran to the front door and slammed it shut, securing it.”

The second incident occurred a day later, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, after two males knocked on the door of a Parkside Avenue home.

Both males appeared to be about 20 years old, one was white and the other was black, the Ewing Township police blotter reported.

After they told the victim they were collecting money for their basketball team and the victim declined to donate, the black male kicked the door. The door struck the victim’s head, causing him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness temporarily, he told police.

During that time, the suspects fled the scene.

Ewing EMS arrived to check the individual and transport him to Capital Health Regional Medical at Fuld to treat the gash on his head, the blotter said.

Earlier in the month, a robbery occurred when a home in West Trenton, also belonging to students from the College, was invaded.

On Oct. 8, two armed gunmen forced themselves into a home on Stuyvesant Avenue and residents gave up a wallet, an iPod, money and a payroll check to the intruders.

Regarding whether or not the home invasion incidents are all related, Jacobs said, “That is being looked at but no relation has been made at this time. The investigation is ongoing.”