Huckabee’s comments incite controversy

April 20, 2010 Katie Brenzel 4

Former governor Mike Huckabee’s visit to the College has garnered much attention, particularly his comments regarding LGBT marriage and adoptive rights. If you read The Perspective’s coverage of the event and media interview, you know […]

Joel McHale headlines comedy show

April 20, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

He’s loud. He’s witty. He has a mini vendetta against Ryan Seacrest. Joel McHale, host of the celebrity roasting show The Soup and star of NBC’s “Community,” headlined the College Union Board’s (CUB) annual spring […]

No. 9-ranked Lions keep rolling

April 20, 2010 Michael O'Donnell 0

With the playoffs just weeks away, the Lions continued their torrid run through the regular season conference schedule by routing the Pioneers of William Paterson University on Saturday. The team pulled off a 3-0 shutout […]

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