National Lampoon Sports Minute

By Steve Hofstetter, Ryan Murphy and Chris Strait

Sports Minute (Or So)

The 2010 NFL Draft is finally over. The three-day process lasted longer than the careers of some of the players selected.

Subway created a life-size bust of Ndamukong Suh made out of 1,000 slices of pepperoni. We haven’t seen a draft bust that big since Ryan Leaf.

The NCAA is expanding March Madness to 68 teams, giving fans a few more games they can guess wrong.

The noise level at Oklahoma City’s Ford Center reached 109 decibels during the playoffs. It’s amazing how loud people can yell, “yeehah!”

And David Stern handed out $35,000 in fines to various players and coaches for criticizing officials. It’s the first step towards NBA expansion in North Korea.

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