Student’s Jersey Shore inspiration wins t-shirt contest

Anthony Steverson’s t-shirt design, ‘TCNJ Pump,’ was chosen as the winner of Pi Sigma Epsilon’s ‘Your T-shirt, Your Idea’ contest. (Tim Lee).

Following in the footsteps of the stereotypes portrayed in MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” fist-pumping has made its way onto College t-shirts.

When Pi Sigma Epsilon, the College’s co-ed marketing business fraternity, decided to hold the “Your T-shirt, Your Idea,” contest, senior graphic design major Anthony Steverson decided to jump on the over-tanned bandwagon.

Steverson’s t-shirt, titled “TCNJ Pump,” was selected as the winner of the contest and was printed on shirts and sold to the College’s student body.

“We had a vote amongst everyone in the chapter,” Almanzar said. “My personal reason for voting for Anthony is that it was the most original and different, but still incorporated (the College) into it, so I liked that a lot.”

“The goal (of the contest) was to spread creativity and produce the shirt for whoever won the contest,” said Josel Almanzar, senior finance major and member of Pi Sigma Epsilon. “It shows the business aspect (of the fraternity) and fundraises for us.”

The white t-shirt features the personification of New Jersey — taking the state’s shape, adding a fist-pumping arm protruding from the state’s East Coast, and sneakers at the foot of the state that are available in both blue and pink.

Steverson explained what the fist pump means for those who already do not know.

“I would define the fist-pump as a cultural icon,” he said. “The fist-pump is recognized from all parts of the world, it is mainly used for celebration and success. Over the past few years the fist pump has been used in clubs in Jersey to celebrate the youth and living life to the fullest.”

“I live at the Jersey Shore. And basically I wanted to capture the fist pump and I wanted to integrate (the College) into it and make it our own,” Steverson said. “Since ‘The Jersey Shore’ just ended, I know the fist pump is still on people’s minds.”

Between the MTV mania surrounding this move and the countless Jersey Shore parties popping up off-campus, many students at the College should be familiar with the fist-pump.

Despite the inspiration, Steverson admits that he is not an avid watcher at the show.

“The question about who is my favorite character of the Jersey Shore is a tough one because I didn’t follow the season as other viewers have. Since I grew up at the Jersey Shore all my life, I felt that I knew the lifestyle that they would live throughout the show without even seeing the episodes.”

While he may not be Jersey Shore’s No. 1 fan, Steverson is passionate about graphic design.

“I decided to enter the contest because there are really not enough contests for graphic design majors so when I saw the opportunity arise, I chose to take it,” Steverson said. “Also, I work for a clothing company so this is my forte. This is my expertise”

Steverson currently works as the vice president of Aztro Clothing Company.

As a winner of the contest, Steverson was given two free t-shirts, the production of his design, and $100 spending money.

“I’m going to buy my mom a new house,” he laughed. “No, but I’m going to save it for now until I really need it because $100 goes quick. I’m probably going to put it towards gas when I go home this weekend for Easter.”

While he may have gotten some money and few t-shirts, to Steverson the reward is something greater than that.

“It’s basically a big accomplishment for me,” Steverson said. “It feels good to know that people are going to pay for my design and I didn’t even graduate college yet. It’s a dream come true.”