‘Northern Lights’ keeps Stripes fans sated

The White Stripes
“Under Great White Northern Lights”

By Matt Jannetti
WTSR Music Staff

This live album is the first White Stripes release in three years. Frankly, I was hoping that their first release since “Icky Thump” was going to be a real studio album, but I guess I’ll just have to wait some more.

The album itself has almost everything that fans expect, from “Seven Nation Army” to “We’re Going To Be Friends.” For the most part, the live tracks are like the recorded ones, but with more of Jack White’s great guitar playing, which is always welcome. This album, like most live albums, gives a twist on the songs that many of us know.

However, one song in particular, “Fell in Love With A Girl,” disappoints in the way it was recorded. Instead of a frantic mash of guitar and Jack White’s high pitched vocals, it was greatly slowed down. Aside from that, it is also disappointing that certain favorites do not appear on the album.

Ultimately, this is a good release, but it’s only something to hold fans over until their seventh studio release hits shelves.

Key Tracks: “Seven Nation Army” and “We’re Going to Be Friends”