April 5, 2020

Campus Style

What are you wearing?

(Kristen Kubilus)
(Kristen Kubilus)

I’m wearing a winter jacket and a flannel button-up with a graphic tee underneath. My pants are just a grey dress pant, skinny fit. The kicks are some suede desert boots. Most of what I am wearing I got from Macy’s because I worked there.

Where do you like to shop?

Recently I’ve loved H&M because I feel they have a pretty varied selection and it’s well-priced. Thrift stores are always great too.

How has your style changed over the years?

I find myself floating in and out of contemporary and vintage stuff … late ’50s-early ’60s mod, to classic American styles like J. Crew or Polo. I like bohemian apparel.

What is the first thing you look for when selecting an item of clothing?

To me, the way clothing fits is 90 percent of the battle. You can wear just about anything and as long as it fits well, it can be pulled off. What I’m noticing about style is you can rock anything as long as you do it with confidence. Hold your head up high, dare to look a bit different and people will notice.

Why is fashion important to you?

Perhaps this is cliché, but I think what you wear can be an expression of who you are. And it doesn’t take much. I have a good friend who just graduated from the College last year and over the summer he decided he was going to live a simpler lifestyle. He gave away most of his clothes. That’s being fashion forward.

Has this inspired you to give away any of your clothing?

In times like these I think we have all fallen victim to lives of excess, so in a sense, yes. I went through my old clothes and gave away much of what I don’t wear anymore. The stuff was still in good shape, so I figured why not give it to a charity so people have decent articles of clothing?

Are you a big fan of fashion?

I am in the artistic sense. I think it’s a great way to mold and bend textiles and fabrics into something much more. Some fashion, especially high fashion, can be a bit absurd but it’s interesting to see how far designers can take cloth. I’ve always been into any creative avenue that tries new things.

What inspires you when you’re putting an outfit together?

I try to be a bit different than everyone else I see, whether it’s going to a Christmas party wearing a bright orange shirt with a Jack O’ Lantern printed on it or just accessorizing an outfit, just as long as it stands out in some way.

Would you say that most men seem to express less interest in fashion and clothing than women? Why do you think this is?

On a whole, yes. I think they do put considerably less thought into what they wear than women normally do. I know plenty of men that are perfectly content with being “t-shirt and jeans” type of guys. I think they are shortchanging themselves. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there they might dig. With women there seems to be a ton of social pressure to look a certain way, usually what’s trendy. I’ve always thought girls that go against that are pretty “rad.”

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