Student writers reveal passion through poetry

By Adrienne Slaght

Literary creativity and originality abounded in the library auditorium when three students recited their works for ink’s Student Reading Series on Nov. 3.

Freshman professional writing and journalism major Melissa Easaw, freshman English major Samantha Zimbler and junior English major Nicole Pieri all engaged the audience with their poetry.

Zimbler was introduced by English Professor Michael Robertson as being “Emily Dickinson with much better social skills.” Robertson also announced her as “somebody that is furiously in love with the English language.”

Her passion for writing was evident as she captured the interest of the audience with her original poems, dealing with transitions experienced in life.

In addition to her visible enthusiasm, Zimbler’s works proved to be accessible and relatable for many of the students in the audience.

Jill Fries, junior marketing major said, “Her poetry was understandable, and I felt I could share a lot of the feelings and emotions she expressed.”

Zimbler said she was content with her performance.

“It was also the first time I read for an audience, so the experience was one I won’t forget. When I was reading, I felt completely at peace and comfortable.”

Pieri also appeared to be comfortable in front of the crowd as she read her poetry with intense emotion. Kate Whitman, senior English major, introduced her by saying “she’s really adorable, she’s also a beautiful writer.”

A crowd favorite titled “His Crucifix Tattoos” mixed humor and religion as she spoke about her experience working as a lifeguard seeing a lot of “shirtless dudes.”

Easaw kicked off the show with the statement, “There’s no undo button in this game we call life.”

Topics of Easaw’s poetry included regret, memories and gossip shared between “hungry hyenas with juicy meaty secrets galore.” Some poems used simple ideas or objects such as pens and eyes to go into great detail, making it interesting with the use of repetition and varying the speed of her voice.