Cafone propels Lions to last minute victory

Senior Gabby Cafone advanced the Lions to a 4-3 win over Kean University with 33 seconds left in the game on Tuesday. The win put the women’s field hockey at 4-1 in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) and 8-5 in the regular season.

Despite the back and forth play between the teams, Cafone’s goal broke the 3-3 tie just in time for the Lions.

Tim Lee / Photo Editor
Tim Lee / Photo Editor

“We really wanted this win to show on the scoreboard,” said Cafone. “It was a team effort and we won in regulation, not in over time. We didn’t want to lose and we worked hard for this win.”

The Cougars’ sophomore forward Olivia Triano scored all three goals for Kean, each time tying the score with the Lions.

The Lions’ first two goals were scored by junior forwards Jessica Falcone and Mary Waller. The second and third goals were netted by Cafone.C