Clowning around in Eickhoff breaks plates

A man in a clown mask and costume entered Eickhoff Hall on April 7.

Campus Police received a report of criminal mischief at 2:40 p.m. The Dining Service Manager told Campus Police that the unknown man ran into the main dining area dressed as a clown and proceeded to slide across a table, causing plates and glasses to fall and break.

An individual found attempting to steal a bike from a bike rack outside Norsworthy Hall was arrested on April 15 at 10 p.m.

Campus Police found the individual attempting to cut the lock off a bike with bolt cutters. The individual was searched upon arrest and was found in possession of a plastic bag of a leafy green substance believed by Campus Police to be marijuana. The individual faces charges of theft and possession of a controlled substance.

No evidence has yet surfaced connecting the arrested individual with previous bike thefts on campus.

An unconscious student was found by a Community Advisor (CA) in a hallway of Travers Hall at 5:50 a.m. on April 18.

The CA informed Campus Police that he wasn’t able to wake the individual. Campus Police then woke the individual, who smelled of alcohol.

Pennington Road EMS arrived at the scene and transported the individual to Capital Health Systems, Mercer Medical Campus.

Drawings of penises in Wolfe Hall were reported to Campus Police on April 17 at 9 p.m.

A Wolfe Hall Community Advisor informed Campus Police that she noticed the drawings on the walls of the first, second, and fourth levels near the fire escape staircases.

An individual reported to be intoxicated was transported to Capital Health Systems, Mercer Medical Campus on the night of April 19.

At 1:25 a.m. Campus Police interviewed the individual in Centennial Hall and discovered that they had earlier consumed around six or seven beers at an unknown location off campus. According to the police report, the individual had difficulty standing and smelled strongly of alcohol.

Pennington Road EMS transported the individual to the medical center for further evaluation.

On April 17, Campus Police received report of a damaged vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle stated that she had parked her car on J street at 3 a.m. and briefly went inside Travers/Wolfe Hall. When she returned at 4 a.m., she noticed two dents approximately three to six inches in length on the driver’s side panel of her car and a small dent on the driver’s side rear door.

An iPod left unattended in Holman Hall was reported stolen on April 16.

The owner of the iPod told Campus Police that he placed the device on a counter-top next to a sink in his classroom at about 11:20 a.m. The entire class then left the room in order to use the computers in the laboratory on the 3rd floor. He discovered the iPod was missing when he returned to the classroom at 11:50 a.m.

Campus Police observed the words “Fuck you bitch!” written in a closet of a room in Wolfe Hall on April 14. An unknown individual had taped paper over it.

An Apple Mac computer was stolen from a room in Forcina Hall between April 13 and April 14.

Campus Police on foot patrol at 4:00 a.m. observed that the computer was missing and were unable to find it elsewhere in the building.

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