SFB grants request for ‘Finals Fest’

In a 6-5 vote, the Student Finance Board (SFB) approved Student Government Association (SGA)’s request for $15,741.90 for its annual “Finals Fest.”

“It’s an event we have every semester to help students relax during finals,” Anthony Czajkowski, SGA budget coordinator for Finals Fest, said.

The funds will cover costs for massages, a jumbo bounce, pizza, building services staff, a half-page ad in The Signal and posters for advertising. The event will be held in the Brower Student Center (BSC) from May 3 to May 7.

“I don’t really see the purpose of the obstacle course and the Luau dinner and it’s also really expensive” Ashley LaRose, SFB junior representative, said.

In a unanimous motion, SFB denied funding to IGC’s request for $4,067 for its “TCNJ Step Show” to be held April 24 in Packer Hall South Gym.

“The request is mostly for staging equipment,” Terry Oppong, Multicultural Greek Council representative, said.

“The income is going to be used for an incoming freshman to attend (the College), for the MGC scholarship for $2,000,” Oppong said.

“Even though they’re funding the scholarship with ticket sales, we are essentially paying for it,” Michele Velluzzi, SFB Financial Director said. “This is against our policies.”

In a 10-1 decision, SFB approved Ink’s request for $1,204.75 for “The Goods” scheduled for April 25 in the Rathskeller.

“It’s a student festival in the Rat where students have a chance to express themselves creatively,” Allison Singer, president of Ink and Signal final copy editor, said. “Last semester we had Jeffrey McDaniel and the expected turnout was doubled.”

The all-day event will feature student music presentations, creative writing and artwork and will feature headliner Matthew Rohrer, a popular young poet from New York.

Funds will cover the speaker fee, traveling fees, costs to keep the Rat open until 8:30 p.m., a banner in the BSC, a sound technician fee and a half-page ad in The Signal.

“They’ve had a good turnout every semester,” Brad Van Arnum, SFB sophomore representative, said.

In an 8-3 decision, SFB approved PRISM’s $1,119.41 request for its annual “National Day of Silence.” It will be held Friday in the BSC.

Funds will be used for photocopies in all buildings, four rolls of duct tape, 350 buttons and decorations for the breaking of silence party in the Decker Main Lounge at 8 p.m. where there will be a ceremony, discussion and refreshments.

PRISM also plans to advertise on WTSR and take out a full-page Signal advertisement.

“I like the event as a whole and it’s really moving,” Garrett Hoffman, SFB administrative director, said. “But I still think that it’s a lot of duct tape.”

The board stipulated to take away the $300 in photocopies off of the $1,119.41 total. The $950.50 covers $400 for the DJ, $200 for tickets from Quick Ticks, $200 for decorations, a full-page Signal ad and 150 photocopies.

In a 9-2 motion, SFB approved the Haitian Student Association (HSA)’s request for $428.15 for its “Kompa Night” to be held April 21 in BSC 210 from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

“It’s going to be an informal social event where people can learn new dances,” Jimlise Derosier, HSA member, said.

“I don’t have a problem with the refreshments because they’re not using it to draw people,” Ashley Karcher, SFB executive assistant, said.

SFB stipulated for HSA to use a larger room to accommodate more guests.

It unanimously approved Best Buddies International’s request for its annual conference to be held in Indianapolis from July 24 to the 27.

“The mission is to match members with an individual with intellectual disabilities and help them through friendships,” Cara Yuknis, president of Best Buddies, said. “It provides opportunities for one-on-one friendships and integrated employment.”

“The conference is mandatory for their chapter to be recognized,” Leo Acevedo, SFB executive director, said.

A second request by the freshman class council for the “Class of 2012 Freshmen Formal” was denied by SFB. The first request was denied on March 18.

In a 10-1 motion, SFB agreed to fund the $7 base budget for the new club “iTunes-International Tunes Acapella Group.”

“We’d like to keep throwing concerts because we’ve seen big turn-outs from the student body,” Pooja Shah, co-president of iTunes, said. “We’ve had to charge for refreshments and there was not enough room for all people attending.”

The group plans on holding its concerts on May 1 and 2.

“They’ve performed a lot with other multi-cultural organizations and last concert they ran out of seating so they have a high demand,” Hoffman said.