LETTERS: Poverty simulation canceled due to apathy

We are sorry to report that the poverty simulation scheduled for Saturday, March 28, was canceled due to insufficient interest.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about hunger and poverty. Worldwide, one billion people continue to go to bed hungry each night. Poverty and hunger continue to exist despite an abundance of natural resources. Poverty and hunger continue to exist despite our innate compassion.

The challenge we face is not really about succeeding in the world. Let’s face it: As hard to believe as it may be at some moments, a good living and decent lifestyle are pretty much pre-ordained for students at the College.

The real challenge is avoiding getting caught up in our day-to-day concerns. The real challenge is opening our hearts and minds to our brothers and sisters whose lives may be very different from our own.

The poverty simulation was a way to respond to that challenge. The poverty simulation was an opportunity to experience what it is like functioning in the world when faced by constant constraints as opposed to limitless opportunities.

I strongly applaud the coalition of faith and service groups who planned the simulation for their efforts and urge them not to give up. We need to learn from this experience how to engage the College community more fully and then to make it happen in the fall of 2009.

The Rev. Lisa Caton

Canterbury House – The Episcopal Church at the College