How old are we?

Flipping through this week’s News section, readers might notice a recurring trend, specifically in Cop Shop.

Apparently, the “best and the brightest,” the attendees of “the hot college,” our own “outstanding scholars” have turned into nothing more than fire alarm-pulling, head-butting juveniles who run to ResEd every time someone draws a dick on the wall.

Grow up.

Campus Police determined that a several-hour evacuation of Decker Hall Thursday night was caused not by a legitimate fire drill or threat of smoke, but by someone pulling the fire alarm. It’s really not necessary to pull a lame elementary school joke and displace people for two hours in the cold.

Earlier last week, on Tuesday, there was a physical confrontation on the tennis courts when one student head butted another, followed by a fight. Really? We’re not in third grade anymore so let’s stop trying to solve our problems like eight-year-olds.

The tennis court showdown wasn’t the only confrontation that occurred Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Around 3 a.m. Wednesday, a fight broke up near the elevators in Wolfe Hall. Two students, whom police later found had been drinking, threw punches at each other until a community advisor had to break up the fight.

Finally, someone was quick to run and tattle to ResEd when an unknown student expressed their affection for the male anatomy on a bathroom stall in Brewster Hall. Granted, writing “I” plus a heart and a picture of a penis is equally as silly, but not offensive enough to run and find a member of ResEd and Campus Police to document the situation. Campus Police and ResEd most likely have more important things to be attending to.

The College has a reputation for being a competitive school with qualified, accomplished and driven students. So let’s start living up to the reputation and acting like we’re in college, not kindergarten.

No wonder Governor Corzine is cutting our budget. Boom. Roasted.