Campus Fashion

Alex Bachert, Sophomore
Major: Journalism

What are you wearing?
A lace dress from Anthropologie with black leggings underneath. My boots are Timberland.

What about the jewelry?
Some of my bangles are my mom’s and some my friend bought me when she was in India. My earrings are from Urban Outfitters.

Where do you like to shop?
I really like Free People and Anthropologie, but they can get expensive. I don’t really believe in spending a lot of money on clothes. I like H&M and sometimes I find cool things at thrift stores. There are some great thrift stores in Philadelphia and even Trenton and Ewing.

How do you manage to find good things in thrift stores?
I like to search through the racks. Basically, anything that looks weird or ugly I’ll pick up. Even though other people are throwing them out because they’re out of style, it’s fun to work them into my look.

When did you start getting into fashion?
I feel like fashion is something that you just feel naturally. When I was little, my mom and I used to get into arguments about what I would wear to school. Then in fourth grade I started going to Catholic school so I had to wear a uniform every day. I still tried to funk it up with pink shoes or a flower in my hair.

Does your style reflect who you are as a person?
I enjoy expressing myself and dressing how I feel on the certain day. If I’m in a crazy mood, I’ll put on really colorful things. If I’m more relaxed, I’ll wear darker colors.

Do you have any favorite pieces of clothing?
Once I find something I like, I’ll wear it all the time. I love to wear my black corduroy pants. I always wear boots because they make me feel taller. I love to wear this ring I got in Italy. It has a little compartment in it that opens up. In medieval times, kings and queens used to hide poison in them.

Does your style change a lot?
Definitely. It depends on what mood I’m in. There was a time when I would only wear dresses, then I had a white t-shirt phase and another obsession with stud earrings. For a while, I was really into bright colors and a lot of patterns, but now I’m straying away from that. I’m very eclectic and I’m willing to try to put anything together. I like to combine things that you normally wouldn’t think would work.

Is there anything you don’t like?
I hate, hate, hate matching. I purposely try not to match.