SFB approves Howard Dean

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously approved the College Democrats’ request for $20,439 for “Howard Dean @ TCNJ” to take place on April 9 in Kendall Hall.

Governor Howard Dean’s lecture will focus on American healthcare and its future, or the “50 State Strategy,” one of his ideas during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

SFB also unanimously allotted $23,053 for Protestant Bible Fellowship’s (PBF) “The Origins of Life,” featuring speakers Christopher Htchens, renowned author, journalist and critic, and Frank Turek, vice president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, speaker and award winning author.

“Both are big names in this topic and we’re organizing an event to bring this topic out in the open,” Martin Kendall, speaking on behalf of PBF, said. “People are afraid of talking about these things and we want to facilitate that.”

The costs would cover two meals per speaker, accommodations at a local hotel and $9,500 for Kendall Hall.

SGA requested $3,407 for its presentation “Just Because I am, Doesn’t Mean That I’m” to take place on April 8 in the Business Building Lounge. The event features Stan Pearson, who does interactive and entertaining workshops. The funding would cover speaker fees for travel from Chicago, hospitality and money for photocopies.

The event aims to open up discussion about stereotypes, discrimination and otherwise taboo topics.

“I think this is a good event and will be interesting,” SFB Financial Director Micele Velluzzi said.

Unión Latina presented a request for $2,800 for “Keynote Speaker Junot Diaz” to take place April 8 in the Music Building.

Junot Diaz is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, whose presentation will show the campus community about Latinos in the literary field.

“They are having two speakers in the same month,” Velluzzi said. “I would rather see them do different events.” The speakers are scheduled two days apart.

In a 10-1 motion, the request for $2,800 was approved with a stipulation that they try to move one or the other speakers to another day.

The Japanese Club, cosponsored by the Asian American Association and Japanese Department, requested $3,609.50 for their annual “Sakura, Cherry Blossom Festival Trip to Washington D.C.”

The event will take place April 4 in Washington D.C. and buses will depart at approximately 5 a.m.

Tickets will be sold in the Brower Student Center on a first-come first-served basis.

SFB fully funded the events with the stipulation that a $5 deposit per ticket is required.

VOX requested $2,499 for its event “Sex 101” featuring River Huston, an interactive performer. The event is co-sponsored by the Inter-Greek Council, Bod Squad and Women’s Center.

The event aims to send a message about sexual assault and how alcohol affects sexual decisions and is scheduled for April 14.

SFB stipulated that Greek life not be required to come to the event.

SFB unanimously funded $782.50 for the second annual “Latino Awareness Celebration Month Opening Ceremony” organized by Unión Latina and co-sponsored with SGA, the Indian Student Association (ISA) and Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA). The event is scheduled for April 1.

The event will introduce Latino Awareness celebration month to the College community, featuring performances, cultural music, multicultural desserts and a parade through campus.

SFB also approved $750 for Unión Latina’s request for “Somos Indios! We are Indian!: The Native American Heritage of Latinos.”

The event aims to educate the campus community about the Latino and indigenous cultural ties. It is scheduled for April 9.

SFB unanimously approved Barkada’s request for $541 for their event “P.S. Mahal Kita” to take place on March 20.

“The name means P.S. I Love You, we put it in Filipino to attract curiosity from the campus,” Barkada treasurer Gerald Ngo said.

The event features skits, dances and traditional foods in order to encourage students to become aware of Filipino customs.

Food will be provided by a local Filipino caterer, Golden Bread. Expenses will cover decorations, food costs and photocopies.

PRISM requested $267 for “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes with Guest Speaker and Film Creator Byron Hurt.”

Byron Hurt is an accomplished anti-sexism and anti-violence activist who offers insight into hip hop as the film’s visionary creator. The event is scheduled for April 6.

The College Democrats requested $107.50 for their event “The Soprano State” featuring author and radio personality Bob Ingle and co-author Sandy McClure.

The event will be co-sponsored with the College Republicans, English and Sociology Departments and the College Debate Club. It will take place March 25.

The lecture will cover politics and inside deals in New Jersey, including the government, mafia and more. Since the speakers will be attending free of charge, the money will cover a half page Signal ad, 250 photocopies and chalk.