WTSR hosts Drive By

WTSR held its first concert series of the semester on Tuesday, welcoming the Jersey City band Drive By back to the Kendall Hall TV studio for the second time this academic year.

Drive By consists of Todd Price on vocals and guitar, Dan Fitzgerald on guitar, Chris Perino on bass and Jae Hertzberg on drums. The seasoned band has shared the stage with numerous notable names including Paramore, Boys Like Girls and My Chemical Romance. Many of the band’s songs reflected the influence of bands they have performed with, accomplishing an alternative sound with punk undertones.

Though the audience was small, the intimate setting allowed the band to joke with the attendees.

“Thank you all for sticking around. You’re all very good looking. We’re Drive By,” Price said.

The band played primarily from their latest album, “A Delicate Situation,” with the songs “Please, Please,” “Boring,” “One Thing,” “Day That You Decide,” “Fireman” and “Catacombs.” While the band kept intervals between songs at a minimum, Price stopped intermittently to introduce the band and address the audience.

“This song is called ‘Catacombs.’ And we love you, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day . you’re all my buddies tonight . I don’t know if I can get weirder than that,” Price said, after introducing the band for the fourth time.

The audience eagerly joked along with the band and even encouraged the band to play an additional three songs, making up for the scarcity in numbers with a profusion of enthusiasm.

The concert concluded with the band’s cover of the Bouncing Soul’s “Lean on Sheena.”

Katie Brenzel can be reached at brenzel2@tcnj.edu.