Double showing of Demetri Martin funded

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously approved the College Union Board’s (CUB) request for $16,750 for a second Demetri Martin comedy show, also scheduled for April 7.

“CUB sent a survey to students and Demetri Martin was voted their top choice,” Molly Motyka, CUB finance director, said. “The Brand New Concert was successful so we think that the second show will sell out, too.”

“I like that they’re anticipating the turnout with the two shows, especially after the Brand New Concert,” Garrett Hoffman, SFB administrative director, said.

The second show would add 500 tickets to be sold at $10 each. Costs would be offset by the $5,000 income from the tickets and $1,675 from the previous show, making the total request for $11,750.

The money would pay for additional police staff and Martin’s fee.

Tracy Morgan turned down CUB’s bid for $25,000, which was approved by SFB during its Feb. 4 meeting.

SFB motioned for full funding of Globalpalooza 2009, sponsored by CUB and the Student Government Association (SGA). The funding was allocated in a 9-3 vote.

“It’s a diverse event with lots of different ethnic groups so we’re hoping for a good turnout,” Tracy Magielnicki, junior English major and co-coordinator of the event, said.

The funding would pay for food, drinks, performers, decorations and a full-page Signal ad. Funding of $350 will also be provided to each country team.

“I think Globalpalooza is an awesome event and the extra money for food is fine,” Michele Velluzzi, SFB financial director, said.

The event will be held on April 5 in the Brower Student Center and is expected to feature more than 30 organizations representing various countries.

SFB denied the French Club’s request for a CUB and French Club Movie, to be held March 27 in the student center.

“We just are asking for payment for the movie and publicity,” Allie Axiel, sophomore sociology major, who was organizing the event, said.

In a 13-4 vote, SFB denied funding.

“I think we should encourage something more creative because they already had a movie last semester,” Brian Block, SGA representative and sophomore political science major, said.

“I would much rather see the Italian Club, the French Club, etc. all join in and have a movie fest,” Warren Samlin, freshmen representative and business major, said.

SFB also elected the current operations director, Mike Stolar, as executive director for next year.