Board of Trustees names new student apartments

A resolution to name the new student apartments was officially passed at the Board of Trustees meeting last Tuesday.

The apartments, scheduled to open for the next academic year, will be officially named William Phelps Hall and William Hausdoerffer Hall.

“Usually naming comes after a contribution,” College President R. Barbara Gitenstein said. “But it is not typical for a contribution to be made after the building is up, or for a housing building instead of an academic one.”

The resolutions to name the apartments Phelps Hall and Hausdoerffer Hall were passed unanimously after Gitenstein explained the reasoning behind these name choices. They had been suggested by the Facilities Management and Construction Planning Council at the College.

Phelps, who was the original principal of the New Jersey State Normal School, served the College from 1855 to 1864.

“Phelps shaped the College’s mission and guiding principles in ways that have impacted the students of every generation that has been educated at the institution,” according to the resolution. It also said that a previous student union building had been named Phelps Hall but was “demolished to allow for new construction in 1989.”

William Hausdoerffer graduated from the College in 1936 and went on to teach as a mathematics professor and serve as Dean of Men, an adviser and football coach at the College. He continues to be active in College life and supports the College, according to the resolution.

Christopher Gibson, Board of Trustees vice chair, discussed the upcoming renovations to Decker Hall and Eickhoff Hall along with the dining area in the basement of Travers and Wolfe.

“There really is great work happening . and everything is going forward as it should,” Gibson said.

Poonam Alaigh, board member, said that by the start of the next academic year, there will be new deans for the Schools of Business, Art and Communication and Culture and Society at the College. The School of Business will also receive full accreditation.

Bids that came in for the College’s bookstore provider are being looked at, according to Robert Altman, board member, who spoke for the Academic Affairs Committee.

Gitenstein discussed the various upcoming projects at the College, including diversifying revenue strands, enhancing facilities and improvements in security because “a good organization always stays up to date within that sector.”

She also discussed the upcoming Senior Week.

“Students are very pleased to see a history of Senior Week that will be as successful as last year,” Gitenstein said.

The College is also experiencing an increase in freshmen applications, and, although it is “not seeing a growth in graduate applicants. . (the College) is, in fact, still in better shape than our colleagues,” according to Gitenstein.

The Board also briefly discussed the Stimulus Package and how it will affect or benefit New Jersey higher education.

“There will likely be some resources that will benefit (the College) and for that we are deeply grateful,” Gitenstein said.

She also mentioned the arrest of Mike Tracey, junior political science major, for disorderly conduct following the Ann Coulter lecture, stressing “how seriously we take accusations of mistreatment by any staff or agent.”