News Bits

Lawyers in Washington hired by mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac are quietly investigating the firm’s own $2 million lobbying campaign The Associated Press learned on Monday.

The FBI has rescued more than 45 suspected teenage prostitutes as of Monday, some as young as 13, in a nationwide sweep to remove kids from the illegal sex trade and punish their accused pimps.

Israel’s Labor Party leader Ehud Barak rejected Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to join his government Monday.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert fired his lead Gaza negotiator Monday for publicly criticizing the Israeli leader’s handling of the truce talks.

A French teenager was killed in a bombing at a landmark Cairo bazaar in Egypt on Sunday while on a school trip with several dozen classmates, many of whom were wounded, the mayor of her hometown said.

North Korea recently deployed a new type of medium-range ballistic missile capable of reaching northern Australia and the U.S. territory of Guam, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said on Monday.