‘Mystique’ and ‘Ambiance’ approved

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously allotted $6,092.50 for the Asian American Association (AAA)’s 17th annual “Mystique of the East.”

“Students can relate to the acts or they are curious and can find out more through our organization,” AAA treasurer Larry Joo said. “It will show the cultural tradition of East Asian countries.”

The show will feature 18 acts, with more than 150 performers. Organizers expect more than 100 attendees.

The event, to be held on April 25 in Kendall Hall, is co-sponsored by the Japanese Club, the Indian Student Organization and the Chinese Cultural Club.

The money will cover advertising, decoration and a half-page Signal ad: The cost being offset by charging $4 for approximately 500 tickets in advance and $6 for tickets at the door.

SFB unanimously allotted $4,476.00 to the Haitian Student Association (HSA) to hold its fourth annual “Ambiance.”

“We try to hold this event every year because Haiti is poor and we want to highlight the rich culture,” HSA Treasurer Cynthia Pierre said.

The event will feature student dances, speeches, live music, a DJ and traditional food in a professional atmosphere.

SFB Administrative Director Garrett Hoffman said he liked the event because “every cultural club has its thing.”

ACTION, the anti-war coalition at the College, requested $4,080.50 for its event “Camilo Mejía Speaks on the Iraq War.”

“He is the first Iraq veteran to refuse redeployment to Iraq as a conscientious objector,” Adam Engel, treasurer and external relations coordinator in ACTION, said.

Mejía’s lecture would be held on March 3 in Forcina Hall. ACTION expects 100 to 150 people to attend.

Funds would cover the $4,000 speaker fee, half-page Signal ad and 150 photocopies.

SFB unanimously motioned for ACTION to return the following week to present their request, pending a clearer breakdown of expenses.

It also unanimously approved ACTION’s second request for a bus trip to the Fifth Anniversary Protest of the Iraq War in Washington, D.C.

They are pending co-sponsorship with ISO, College Democrats, the Islamic Society and the Alan Dawley Center.

The funds of $3,150 will cover the fees for the bus, including 300 expected attendees at the all-day event.

“If they break the law, it’s their own personal responsibility,” SFB Freshman Representative Warren Samlin said.

SFB unanimously granted the College Democrats’ request for $2,604.50 for “Comedy Against Evil” featuring comedian Jeff Kreisler.

“We want to bring Jeff Kreisler, who’s reasonably priced and has written for Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008,” Brian Block, SGA representative and president of the College Democrats, said. “He’s really popular and pretty unique.”

The event will take place at 8 p.m. on March 31 in the Mildred & Ernest E. Mayo Concert Hall. The Democrats expect 250 people to attend. Funds will cover the $2,500 talent fee, $10 banner, one half-page Signal ad and 350 photocopies.

With an approval of 11-1, SFB funded “The Origins of Life,” an event co-sponsored by the Protestant Bible Fellowship (PBF) and the Secular Student Alliance.

The funding of $459 will go toward food and lodging for guest speaker G.C. Jackson, his fee and publicity including a half-page ad in The Signal, photocopies and pamphlets.

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 17, at 8 p.m. in the Library Auditorium. Organizers expect 50 to 60 students to attend.

“The event will give an exposé of different methods of understanding science,” Martin Kendall, speaking on behalf of PBF, said.

SFB unanimously approved $928.40 for ED@TCNJ’s event, “Getting From College to Career,” featuring motivational speaker, personal development trainer and renowned author Lindsay Pollack.

“We want to bring Lindsay Pollack (because) she has written for many magazines, and at the same time it would be a great event for students when they are looking for jobs,” ED Treasurer Katerina Gkionis said.

“I think it would be a good event. I’ve heard of this speaker before and it would be very beneficial,” SFB Assistant Representative Eva LaSata said. The event will be held April 21 in the Library Auditorium.

SFB also approved “Beach Bonding Before Break,” an event sponsored by the Sophomore Class Council in a 6-4 approval.

“It’s basically a beach theme for class unity,” Block said.

The event will allow sophomores to get to know their class officers. It will feature the movie “50 First Dates” and free ice cream.

The $378 will be used for movie rights, food, decorations and 100 photocopies.

The event will be held March 5 at the Brower Student Center Food Court at 8 p.m., and 100 students are expected to attend.

“It’s not the most unique event but it won’t go badly,” Equipment Center Manager Alexa Kaminsky said.