Campus Fashion

Leo Mahaga, Senior
Major: Criminology

What are you wearing?
Black Levis skinny jeans, a blue button-up from Pierre Cardin, a Ralph Lauren tie and slip-on Converse.

Why do you wear mismatched Converses?
It looks awesome. I bought them with the purpose of mismatching them.

Where do you shop?
Urban Outfitters usually has a good mix of things. Sometimes it’s a little pretentious and organized, but every now and then you can find something cool. I just got a pair of yellow skinny jeans from there, which is pretty sick. I love American Apparel, but I wouldn’t consider myself a hipster. I don’t own enough T-shirts.

What is it that you like about fashion?
I love learning about other people’s styles and interests and crafting my own. I’m really into art. Your outfit is your first canvas.

When did you get into art?
In high school I was a comic book artist. I was very interested in Asian comic book art and I liked that a lot of its characters have less of an emphasis on muscular detail and more of an emphasis on clothes on really thin characters.

Has Asian comic book art influenced your style?
I pretty much mirror that style to some extent. Since I have a thin body myself, I’ll wear skinny jeans, a thin tie, and other close-fitting clothes. It’s a really stream-lined, long, sharp look. When I started drawing a lot of anime, I noticed every little detail about clothing and I just thought, why shouldn’t I look like that all the time?

What else is your style inspired by?
I like to take conservative styles and pizzazz them. I don’t wear a lot of things that are outside of the box technically, but I’ll wear them in unusual colors and color combinations. I like to mix the old with the new.

Do you have a favorite designer?
I’m really into Marc Jacobs. He’s very much about taking the usual and making it unusual, which is what I like to do.

Do you have an opinion on anyone else’s style?
I feel like a lot of people think they don’t have the time to wear something different, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. If you have a particular shirt that’s your favorite, why not wear shirts like that all the time? Make it fun, it’ll be your own thing. Make every day’s outfit a fun outfit.