Art exhibit breaks ‘ground’

The College Art Gallery opened its doors on Feb. 18, revealing a new collection of pieces titled “Anxious Ground: Contemporary Landscape Photography.”

The show, curated by Anita Allyn, the chair of the College Art Department, and Sarah Cunningham, Gallery director, features the work of artists from all over the country.

“I think it’s an interesting show that gives a diversity of landscape,” said Gary Saretzky, a professor of photography at Mercer County Community College.

In “Anxious Ground,” photographic landscapes are represented in a nontraditional sense.

Christine Nadir and Cary Peppermint’s “Untitled Landscapes for Portable Media Players” portrays altered images of inverted landscapes.

Each landscape merges the concepts of art and technology together, allowing a person to upload the images to their portable music player.

Edward Burtynsky’s work titled “Three Gorges Dam Project” consisted of numerous photographs that garnered attention from all in attendance.

“I think they’re more accessible,” Saretzky said of Burtynsky’s work.

The photographs show the dam building project on the Yangtze River in the Hubei province of China and are a striking depiction of construction and demolition occurring at once.

The work of Holli Schorno represents a more abstract side of landscapes. Her work usually showcases mechanical subjects.

Schorno’s “Landed” series features collages combining both mechanical and traditional landscape elements.

These artists’ work will be on display along with several others pieces in “Anxious Ground: Contemporary Landscape Photography” exhibit in the College Art Gallery until March 25.