Campus Fashion

Liz Milnes, Sophomore
Major: Art History

What are you wearing?
“Banana Republic jeans, a blazer from Urban Outfitters and L.L. Bean duck boots. I wanted to wear my five-inch Michael Kors platforms today, but it’s snowing out.”

Tell me about your jewelry.
“I got the bangle in Jamaica over winter break. The watch is Nixon and the earrings are from Forever 21. I like bulky jewelry. I love gold, and occasionally I’ll mix it with silver. I hate platinum. I hate any girl who wants platinum in her wedding ring. It’s tacky.

Do you like fashion?
“I like fashion because it’s another way for me to express myself. I feel like I’m good at it. I know my body and I know how to dress it. I view fashion as another form of art. It’s just a different medium.”

Where do you get your inspiration?
“I get a lot of my inspiration from ‘Sex & the City.’ I love Carrie Bradshaw. She puts her outfits together in very clever, unconventional ways. I love the fashion in the movies Wes Anderson directs, like The Royal Tenenbaums. Everything Margot Tenenbaum wears in that movie is absolutely gorgeous.”

What does your wardrobe consist of?
“My wardrobe has a color pallet. I like muted tones, so I wear a lot of browns, charcoals, grays and navy blues. I hate patterns. I only like plaid. I love men’s small white V-neck tee shirts. I wear them all the time. They’re kind of my trademark.”

How would you label your style?
“I’m classic and structured. I have somewhat of an androgynous style. I often purchase men’s clothing because their lines are more structured and geometric. I like things that fit close to your body. I hate that Bohemian style, or anything too loose or flowy.”

I’m going to assume there are other trends you hate.
“I can’t stand it when people wear Uggs and a North Face jacket at the same time. It’s just an easy way out: They’re not putting in any effort to show their individuality. I hate Vera Bradley totes. They clash with everything. I don’t like those dress-up sneakers. I like my Dunks and my Tims. I hate it when people wear their College logo sweatshirts and sweatpants to class. Why can’t you just put on a pair of jeans?”

Whose style do you like?
“I love Natalie Portman’s style. She’s like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. I think that Angelina Jolie is one of the classiest women of our time. And Jennifer Lopez is just so fly.”