Amish Outlaws energize the Stud

As singer/guitarist Big Daddy Abel said, “They’re Amish, they left, they didn’t go back.” He was referring to the band in which he is an “honorary Amish” member, the Amish Outlaws.

It was just past 11 a.m. when the band, all six members clad in white buttoned shirts, suspenders and wide-brim hats, took to a stage in the Brower Student Center to help celebrate the 100 days until graduation as part of the senior class council’s “Rock the Countdown.”

With little introduction, the band launched into Young MC’s “Bust A Move” while Abel lept from the stage to lean over the brick wall and sing to people in the dining area.

There were only a small handful of students watching as the band began to play Modern English’s “I Melt With You.”

During this song, singer Hezekiah began walking along the tops of the cubes to get girls to stand and dance. Senior psychology major Emily Witko danced with Hezekiah and the Outlaws several times.

“I think they’re hysterical, ridiculous and easy to have fun with,” she said.

Even Roscoe the Lion danced with the band.

The lunch rush was just beginning when the Amish Outlaws were playing a Men Without Hats song, and nearly everyone that entered the student center looked bewildered.

These students got over their confusion rather quickly as the band busted out a cover of “P.I.M.P.”

Abel explained that “with this band, we’re able to play all the kinds of music we love, be it rap, rock, country, whatever.”

Their broad love of music was evident as the band skillfully covered just about every genre imaginable – from rap to punk to a bizarre but enjoyable medley of “Pass The Dutchie,” “Wasn’t Me” and “Buffalo Soldier” (while wearing Rastafarian hats).

Hezekiah also managed to make a few faces red with his high energy level as he ran across booths to get to unsuspecting students, danced with some hesitant ladies and dropped some wisdom about partying.

After playing for roughly 40 minutes, the band played a cover of Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin and Juice,” which also featured some fantastic break dancing from Abel.

The song was the perfect end to the first half of their set.

When the band returned, they began with House of Pain’s “Jump Around” followed by “Gasolina.” By then, most of the lunch crowd had left, but the intensity of the band never waned. Hezekiah belted out Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love” before calling the audience “weed smoking fornicators” and playing the aforementioned reggae medley.

Following this was a cover of The Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping Up To Boston,” during which Hezekiah did a fancy jig onstage.

The show was closed with a trifecta of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” The Proclaimers’ “500 Miles” and AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds.”

By the end of the show, a small group of students had formed on the second floor and were watching over the railing. Amish Outlaws were energetic, crazy and just plain enjoyable to watch.

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