Five Black History Month events funded

The Black Student Union (BSU) began planning for Black History Month by requesting funding for several events during the Jan. 28 Student Finance Board (SFB) meeting.

The group was funded $10,020 for its “Old School to New School: The Evolution of Hip Hop Music” event, featuring Darryl McDaniels, a former member of Run DMC.

Funding for the event includes the artist’s fees and transportation. According to BSU, the event is scheduled to be held on Feb. 24.

BSU was also unanimously awarded $1,225 for its upcoming “Art Showcase.”

A featured artist will visit the College to address cultural and social issues. The funds provided by SFB will pay for the speaker’s fees and transportation to the College.

In a third request, BSU was granted $200 for the group’s annual talent show where College Students will perform song and dance numbers. The $200 will be going toward publicity and stage setup.

The event is scheduled for Friday and likely will be held in the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge.

SFB also awarded BSU $1,800 for an open-mic night.

According to Leo Acevedo, executive director of SFB, the event will feature an artist from the Parle Poetry Tour, as part of its nationwide tour. Featured artists include Devin “The Poet” Kesed and Marcus Wright.

The scheduled date and location for the event is Feb. 12 in the Rathskeller.

Finally, SFB granted BSU $2,500 for closing ceremonies. The event to close Black History Month will feature buffet-style food and members of the group will recount the month’s activities.

SFB subtracted $300 from BSU’s request for extra food costs, which the board felt were not necessary.

The scheduled date is Feb. 28 in BSC 202.

BSU’s request for a ski trip to be held on Feb. 2 was denied by SFB. According to Acevedo, members of the board did not find the event tied into the theme of Black History Month. They also discussed the extra costs required for the event, because it was off-campus.

The Lion’s Eye, the College magazine for creative expression, was granted $2,250.

The money is to be used for production costs for the fall and spring editions of the magazine. The group requested money usually set aside for The Siren since the organization no longer exists.

SFB also granted the Gospel Choir Ministry’s request for $12,160 for their Gospel Choir Extravaganza. Funding includes money for talent performances, fees and publicity.

SFB subtracted $300 from the choir’s request for transportation costs, as the board did not find it necessary for the event.

The event is to be held on Feb. 17.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a balance of $115,615.22, allocated a total of $27,905.

SFB also held elections for available positions. Three people ran and two were elected. Garrett Hoffman, sophomore mathematics major, was elected as administrative director and Alexa Kaminsky, freshman finance major, was elected as equipment center manager.

“There are still three free open spots on the board,” Acevedo said. “There are positions as freshmen, sophomore and senior representatives.”

SFB held its weekly meeting despite the College-wide snow day on Jan. 28.

“We hold our meetings no matter what,” Acevedo said. “Somebody has to allocate all the funds.”