Campus fashion for the College student

Nikolaos Dogas, Sophomore
Major: Music education with a concentration in voice

Tell me about your outfit.
I’m wearing a Christian Dior button down, black jeans from the Gap, and Bass driving moccasins, without socks. My glasses are Dolce & Gabbana.

I actually found this in my basement. It was my dad’s from the ’80s. I like to wear older things.

So you like vintage?
I think vintage is cool. A design or pattern doesn’t necessarily have to be modern-day chic, but you can bring it back and make it look good. Fashion is always changing, and every day you see trends from the ’60s,’70s and ’80s that have been reinvented.

What are you inspired by?
I don’t think I have one specific inspiration right now. I do like high fashion ads. I subscribe to GQ mainly for the ads. The models are like characters: They portray a total image.

Do you read the magazine?
No. I don’t really have time to read the magazine, nor do I want to. I don’t need someone telling me how to dress. I think fashion is all about expressing yourself, so there’s no point in wearing something to impress others because it’s fashion to someone else. Fashion is an art. And everyone has his or her own interpretation of what art is.

Where’d you get that watch?
The watch is Hugo Boss. I got it at a department store called Attica when I was in Athens two summers ago.

Do you travel a lot?
I go to Greece practically every summer.

What’s that in your hand?
They’re Greek worry beads. They’re called Komboli. Every summer when I go to Greece, there are all of these old Greek men sitting in cafes . and they just sit, playing with them. It’s tradition.

Have your travels influenced the way you dress?
I think in Europe, people are more willing to experiment with fashion, hair and accessories. It’s very exotic. In America, men are too concerned about defending their masculinity, and it shows in the way they dress. In Europe, people are more free.

How would you label your style?
Modern classic. I would say chic, but it’s not. Some days I dress Americana preppy, others I look like Eurotrash. Yesterday I was wearing a disgusting plaid shirt. I like to portray a new character every day.