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January 28, 2009 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Game of the Week
Women’s Basketball

The women’s basketball team won both their games last weekend to improve their record to 14-3 on the season. This week, they will match up against their conference rivals at Ramapo College. As the team enters the final stretch of their season, key games such as these become even more important. […]

Lions around the dorm

January 28, 2009 Signal Editorial Staff 0

After weeks of chomping on tasty Christmas hams and disposing of disgusting fruitcakes, it’s a battle of Signal staff writers versus the new assistant, as ATD veterans Mike O’ Donnell and Brandon Lee take on rookie Garrett Rasko-Martinis. These three warriors will discover the keys to success for the underdog Arizona Cardinals, discuss a possible Major League Baseball salary cap and argue who is the better sports fan – Jesus Christ or The Rock?

1. […]

LeBron James in 2010! Frazier next?

January 28, 2009 Myles Ma 0

So we’re almost halfway through another brutal New York Knicks season. Things have certainly improved under Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni, but like any good Knicks fan, I’m not happy. Supposedly, the team is more fun to watch thanks to D’Antoni’s impulsive offense. […]

Shooting star: Klimowicz’s double-double sinks Pioneers

January 28, 2009 copress 0

After a hard-fought battle against arch nemesis William Paterson University (WPU), the women’s basketball team earned a well-deserved 69-65 victory over the Pioneers.

Hillary Klimowicz was the star of the game once again, as she set a College record by posting 35 points in a single game. […]

Lions prepare for ranked Wilkes, silence Cyclones

January 28, 2009 Bobby Olivier 0

With only a handful of matches remaining, the College’s wrestlers are hitting their stride at the right time, adding another decisive victory to their already impressive record. Winning their final seven weight classes, the Lions silenced the Cyclones of Centenary College by a score of 34-7, dropping their in-state opponent to a record of 9-4. […]

Lions close out ranked Pioneers

January 28, 2009 James Queally 0

At the beginning of the season, newly hired head coach Kelly Williams promised he would re-energize and retool the men’s basketball team. On Saturday afternoon, in front of a thrilled home crowd in Packer Hall, Williams and his Lions certainly took a huge step in that direction, knocking off a nationally- ranked opponent and a New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) foe, when they bested the No. […]

Reusing and recycling done poorly at the College

January 28, 2009 Julia Flagg 0

Although it is now gone, I hope every student at the College had the opportunity to see the plastic water bottle sculpture outside of the Social Science Building.

The bottles were glued together in the shape of different sized circles and then placed on the lawn outside the building. […]

College celebrates King, Obama during inauguration

January 28, 2009 Emily Gee 0

The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States provided the College community with the opportunity to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in a historic way.

Christopher Fisher, professor of African American studies and history, coordinated “campus conversations” to coincide with Obama’s inauguration on Jan. […]

‘Confused’ drunk student attempts to hitch a ride

January 28, 2009 Katie Brenzel 0

On Jan. 21 at 3 a.m., a Campus Police officer on vehicle patrol observed a male student standing at the intersection of C Street and Metzger Drive talking to a stopped driver.

The driver informed the officer that the supposed intoxicated pedestrian had requested a ride to Cromwell Hall. […]

College e-mail used for scam

January 28, 2009 Brianna Gunter 0

A student’s College e-mail account was compromised and used to send out approximately two million Nigerian scam emails in early January, Information Technology (IT) reported to the campus community via e-mail on Jan. 16.

As a result, select commercial e-mail Web sites were blocking all messages sent out by the College. […]

Inauguration draws a crowd

January 28, 2009 Signal Editorial Staff 0

College students gathered around campus to view the inauguration of Barack Obama on Jan. 20. Televisions were set to the inauguration in the Brower Student Center Food Court and atrium, the Rathskeller, Eickhoff Dining Hall, the Library Auditorium, the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge and several residence hall lounges. […]

Line-cutting leaves Brand New fans disappointed

January 28, 2009 James Queally 0

Between 300 and 400 students were left out in the cold during last Friday’s Welcome Back Weekend Concert, when the College Union Board (CUB)-sponsored event, which featured Long Island rock outfit Brand New and singer/songwriter Kevin Devine & The God Damn Band, sold out well before showtime. […]

Student victim of alleged off-campus assault

January 28, 2009 Michelle McGuinness 0

An alleged assault on a College student in her off-campus home early Sunday caused Ewing Township Police to alert College officials, who sent out a mass e-mail notifying students of an “attempted rape and robbery.” The timely warning, sent to students on Sunday around 2:45 p. […]

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