CUB to bid for Jason Mraz and Ludacris performance

December 3, 2008 Nate Currie 0

The Student Finance Board approved the College Union Board’s (CUB) bid for hip hop artist Ludacris and singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to play at the College’s spring music festival, hosted by CUB.

In a unanimous vote, SFB granted CUB $160,888 to fund the artists’ performances. […]

Smoke causes Holman evacuation

December 3, 2008 Myles Ma 0

A malfunctioning heating unit produced smoke on the fourth floor of Holman Hall at about 8:30 a.m. Monday.

The malfunction was caused by a power failure, according to a firefighter on the scene.

Students heading to their first classes of the day had a chance to sleep in after the building was evacuated and fans were installed to get rid of the smoke and odor caused by the unit. […]

Injury stalls controversial Coulter talk

December 3, 2008 Matt Lawyue 0

Ann Coulter’s Dec. 3 visit to the College is being rescheduled for a date in February, due to an injury resulting in a broken jaw.

Despite the postponement, many student groups say they still intend to protest the event in February.

The far-right political commentator, syndicated columnist and best-selling author was scheduled to give a lecture titled “Ann Coulter and the 2008 Election: Why Liberals Are Wrong About Everything. […]

News Bits

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

The stock market suffered one of its worst single days since the September financial meltdown Monday with the Dow industrials falling nearly 680 points and the broader S&P 500 index losing almost nine percent of its value. The carnage came as a research group said the United States has already been in a recession for a year. […]

Governor Palin rallies for Saxby Chambliss in Georgia

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin implored Georgia Republicans to back Sen. Saxby Chambliss in his hotly contested Senate runoff, telling a cheering crowd Monday the first step in rebuilding the GOP begins with the Southern state.

The former vice presidential candidate made her first campaign appearance since the Republican ticket of John McCain and Palin lost on Nov. […]

Foe turns friend in cabinet selection

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

CHICAGO, Ill. (AP) – President-elect Barack Obama picked a national security team headed by former campaign rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bush administration holdover Robert Gates on Monday, and said he wants to consult with military commanders before settling on a firm timetable to withdraw U. […]

Battle of the Sexes: Holiday Gifts

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Sean says: The holiday season can be stressful for everyone. Finding the perfect gift for your man doesn’t need to contribute to the seasonal psychosis. The key is shopping with practicality in mind. For example, my father isn’t exactly a handyman and as a result, our garage is disheveled and decent tools are in short supply. […]

Solar power propels students to the finish line

December 3, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

Each day, they slowly rumble down College sidewalks – maintenance vehicles burning fossil fuels. Many College students never give these trucks and vans a second thought. But Jim Quigg, senior engineering management major, saw these maintenance vehicles as a point of departure for his senior engineering project. […]

Women’s reputation on the roads redeemed with recent survey

December 3, 2008 William Emmons 0

Men are better drivers than women. That’s a known fact, right? Nearly all of competitive race car drivers are men. In the old days, men drove women, not the other way around. The age-old idea that women are worse drivers than men is assumed to be true.

The truth: Not only are women as good as men at driving, but according to their driving records, they are actually better. […]

Students find reasons to be thankful after poverty simulation

December 3, 2008 Emily Gee 0

Some students prepared to go home last weekend and give thanks for the comforts in their lives. About 60 College students experienced voluntary poverty instead.

At Princeton University on Nov. 22, Daniel Mutter, senior philosophy major, organized a group of College students for a poverty simulation. […]

Asses on canvases

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

On Nov. 24 the College Union Board presented the ‘Original Butt Sketch Artist.’ Students proudly showed off their backsides for a caricature of their most appealing asset. […]

Students studying abroad face challenges with cultural differences

December 3, 2008 Stefanie Vitale 0

Students and teachers from around the world gathered Nov. 19 to communicate, in a panel discussion, the ups and downs, pros and cons, and ins and outs of studying abroad.

Seniors Liz Christian, international business major, and Victoria Kudrak, special education major, came together with exchange students Suthasinee Saisaengjaemsanga (better known as Fa) from Thailand, Hannah Nossek from Germany and Patricia Torres from Puerto Rico to discuss the cultural differences and challenges students face when studying abroad. […]

Gladshot closes WTSR concert series with ‘Shine’

December 3, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Gladshot, a band born in a pop songwriter’s community in New York, performed in the final WTSR Concert of the semester on Wednesday, Nov. 19 in the Kendall Hall TV Studio. The band’s newest album, ‘Burn Up and Shine,’ was released in October. The album features many guest appearances, including some of the members of the original Broadway cast of ‘Hair. […]

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