TMT’s Seuss fills Kendall crowd with glee

For four magical nights on the Kendall Hall main stage,
“Seussical! The Musical!” was definitely all the rage.
A fun time was had by everyone there
Thanks to TCNJ Musical Theater (TMT)’s great care
In their rendition of the tribute to the great Dr. Seuss.
The singing was tight and the dancing was loose.

Nov. 20th through the 23rd,
The stage was overrun by a cat, an elephant and a bird.
The theater was populated with young and old alike.
Not a seat was empty – in each sat an adult or a tyke.
Act one started with the appearance of Seuss’ famous coot –
Senior business major Dan Keyser as the Cat was a hoot.

The story revolved around an elephant named Horton
Who went through everything, even went on the run,
To save the Whos of Whoville from a terrible fate.
He helped others understand and get past their hate.
He continued to quote to one and to all,
“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

As Horton, senior history major Vinny Scafuto was great.
His singing was beautiful and his acting top-rate.
In the song “Alone In The Universe,” he and JoJo were a fit.
JoJo was played by senior English major Kristin Bennett.
And “The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz”
Junior communication studies major Elaine White had all abuzz.
“Amayzing Mayzie,” sung by Carly Cosentino, was a musically sashaying occasion.
The senior chemistry major was terrific as Mayzie, a bird with parental evasion.
And “It’s Possible (McElligot’s Pool)” was a feel-good affair
Where Keyser the Cat told JoJo he could be anything he dared.
Act one ended with the company joining together to sing
“Horton Sits On The Egg,” where the title describes everything.

Act two was the final act, which is as sad as it sounds,
But TMT somehow continued to astound.
Highlights were a beautiful lullaby named “Solla Sollew”
And Gertrude’s love confession, titled “All For You.”
“Oh, The Thinks You Can Think” ended the show.
The cast sang “Green Eggs and Ham” before they had to go.
The entire cast was talented, without a doubt,
But as happens with such things, a few stuck out.
White was cute and chirpy as Gertrude McFuzz, the bird.
As Horton, Scafuto was the best singing elephant ever heard.
Bennett as JoJo was a good boy and tough to beat.
She interacted well with the Cat, which was no easy feat.
Speaking of the Cat, Keyser was the best in town.
He stole the show as the Cat, hands down.
His one-liners and accents were wacky and fun.
He kept them coming until the show was done.
Almost everything he said was followed by giggles.
His delivery was awesome, and so were his wriggles.

On the whole, the show was amazing.
It wasn’t even tiring with Seuss phrasing.
I recommend every TMT show to come.
They’re always enjoyable and always fun.
Now this is the end – I’ve run out of rhymes.
Enjoy your winter and have the best of times.