PAWS to take over for TESS

The name of the new student administration system that will replace TESS and ARTIE in Fall 2009 was announced last week by the office of Records and Registration.

PAWS, which stands for Primary Academic Web Services, will serve as a replacement. The name was created by a steering committee.

“The name was one thing, but it had to have meaning,” Marissa Leonhardt, the service, communications and training specialist for the office of Records and Registration at the College, said.

The committee has been working with focus groups to get feedback on the new system.

In September, the office of Records and Registration submitted four options for the new system’s name: Paws, Roar, Roscoe and Pride.

According to Leonhardt, it was the students’ idea to offer demonstrations of PAWS in addition to online training. The administration is currently looking into scheduling demonstrations.

Registration for fall classes will begin March 31 with PAWS. Leonhardt said Records and Registration is looking into offering extra support hours during registration in case students encounter problems.

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