CUB to bid for Jason Mraz and Ludacris performance

The Student Finance Board approved the College Union Board’s (CUB) bid for hip hop artist Ludacris and singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to play at the College’s spring music festival, hosted by CUB.

In a unanimous vote, SFB granted CUB $160,888 to fund the artists’ performances.

Lady Gaga, an up-and-coming pop/techno music artist, will open the set if she accepts the bid.

CUB sent out two surveys in the past week asking students who they would like to see perform at the College.

“In both the first and second survey, students chose them as the artists they would enjoy seeing perform,” Allie Binaco, CUB event coordinator, said.

After they briefly discussed the proposal, the Board agreed the monetary allocation was appropriate.

“I think it’s a fine idea and an event that will definitely draw students,” Warren Samlin, freshman representative, said.

The festival will be scheduled for a Friday in February.

If Ludacris, Mraz and Gaga are unable to perform, $147,887.30 is set aside to host Lupe Fiasco, Jimmy Eat World and Lady Gaga.

The remainder of the $160,888 would be returned to SFB.

In a second unanimous decision, SFB allocated CUB $40,706.80 to host a comedy show starring Demetri Martin, who will, according to the proposal, “be performing a 60 to 75 minute set.”

Martin has had many specials on Comedy Central and has name recognition among college students nationally.

Out of roughly 1,000 students who voted in a survey sent to the student body by CUB, more than 50 percent selected Martin as a first choice. The event is scheduled to take place Friday, Feb. 27 in Kendall Hall.

The Student Government Association (SGA) was granted $8,135.75 to sponsor Finals Fest from Dec. 7 to Dec. 14. The event is held each semester and, according to SGA’s proposal, “brings campus organizations together during the week of finals to put on free and fun activites for the undergraduate students.”

CUB’s request for $24,520 to sponsor a “Latenighter” event themed “I Heart New Jersey” was tabled until further information is assembled in request form.

A request by the Gospel Choir Ministries for $1,072.98 to host a dinner celebrating its 36th anniversary was unanimously denied.

“This is clearly a banquet, which our bylaws do not allow us to fund,” Jim Gallagher, equipment manager, said.

Financial director Michele Velluzi agreed.

“Unless we disregard our organization’s policies, it’s simply impossible to sponsor this event,” she said.

A request by the New Jersey Voice Of Hope (VOH) fellowship for $177 to fund a Winter Concert was also denied in a 9 to 5 vote.

VOH did not request advertisement, and since SFB’s charter requires an organization to publicize, the Board felt it impossible to proceed.

“We simply can’t fund groups that refuse to request advertisement,” Gallagher said.

“As well as failing to meet the requirements set by our organization’s bylaws, it could very well be a waste of money.”