Choirs uplift College with impressive vocals

The Mildred and Ernest E. Mayo Concert Hall was roused with excitement on Nov. 23 as the TCNJ Choir and Women’s Ensemble put on performances worth remembering.

Nearly every seat was occupied, and those in attendance watched as 16 songs were performed – some in different languages.

Accompaniment was added in select pieces, with instruments including bongos, piano and even a triangle.

“I thought it was very musically interesting and I was blown away by the talent,” Emily Witko, senior psychology major, said.

Applause could be heard at the conclusion of each song from the parents, family members and students in the audience.

Robert Guarino, professor of voice and the director of Lyric Theatre at the College, conducted a portion of the performance.

“I thought it went really well,” he said. “It was the best out of all the rehearsals.” He added that each rehearsal was better than the previous, eventually culminating in the performance’s success.

“I was pleased with how both choirs sounded,” Laura Grant, freshman voice major and member of the Women’s Ensemble, said. Grant also performed a solo in the song, “Bushes and Briars.”

“People don’t generally realize how much time and effort it takes to prepare a concert, but I believe that both choirs’ hard work paid off and they put on a great show,” Grant said.

The Choir performed first with seven songs, including a Nigerian folk song as the final number. After a short intermission, the Women’s Ensemble entered the hall from the rear of the auditorium walking down the steps in unison while singing “Ave Maria.” They sang nine songs, with the last incorporating dancing and clapping.

The singers were not the only amusing aspect of the performance. Percussion was provided with bongos, a triangle and bells. For the Women’s Ensemble, members of the group also played instruments. The recorder, flute and oboe were all played at various points in the evening.

With smiles on the faces of both the performers and the audience, it was clear those in attendance were more than satisfied with the performance.