BREAKING NEWS: Shooting reported on campus

This is a developing story. Check back periodically for more updates.

UPDATED: 11/01 @ 4:02AM

A non-student was shot in the leg in Lot 4 early Saturday morning, causing a non-fatal injury, police said.

A second campus-wide text message and phone call was sent at 3:32 a.m., informing students that an individual was shot in the leg in Lot 4 and “perpetrators fled campus.” No students were reported involved.

Police said it appears the victim was shot twice, and witnesses report hearing three shots fired. Several casings were found in Lot 4, according to police on the scene.

A search for stray rounds in Lot 6 came out negative, police said.

The incident was sparked by a botched robbery attempt, according to Matthew Golden, executive director of communications and public relations.

Golden said he believes two groups of people who are not students at the College both fled campus when the robbery went awry. The group accompanying the victim transported him to Fuld Medical Center and alerted Trenton Police to the incident.

Police would not confirm or deny an arrest at this time.

Both Ewing and Campus Police were on the scene patrolling both Lot 4 and Lot 6.

Police Chief John Collins said security officers performed extra searches of the residences halls, which came back negative as well.

Collins was on the scene, as well as several sergeants and security officers. Ewing police cars are stationed near the bus stop, and Lot 4 is completely closed off. A crowd of about 10 students waiting to access their cars in Lot 4 were unable to get to their cars.

The first campus-wide text message, phone call and e-mail was sent out around 2:25 a.m., warning that a shooting had been reported on campus and advising students to stay in a safe place.

As of shortly before 4 a.m., no mention of the shooting was on the College’s official Web site.

A state police crime unit was scheduled to arrive to assist with the investigation, but police on the scene said Campus Police will spearhead any and all matters related to the shooting.

If you have any information, call 911 or Campus Police at x2167.