Students, alumni kick off celebrations in the Rat

Lion pride was evident Friday night as the Party in the Rathskeller inspired feelings of school spirit in many. This Homecoming celebration brought together current students and alumni alike, as the smooth music and dim lighting created a welcoming, mature atmosphere dominated by conversations. Looking around, there were plenty of smiles and laughter.

The party kept going strong from 6-11 p.m., with many alumni coming out to celebrate.

While reminiscing about past Homecomings, alumnus Rasheed Muse, class of ’99, declared “meeting up with friends” as his best Homecoming experience and felt as though his time at the College was “very memorable.” Muse graduated as a business administration major and currently works in the College’s Alumni Affairs office.

Muse’s classmate, Reggie Meadows, also returned to the College for Homecoming festivities. “(I) came back to see old friends, meet new people and have a good time,” he said.

When asked about his experience at the College, Meadows responded earnestly. “I enjoyed it, it was great,” he said, “I met good people.”

Most alumni echoed Meadows’ sentiment. Renee Sikking, class of ’06, was proud to describe her favorite Homecoming memory, which was “winning first place with (Delta Phi Epsilon)” in the spirit competition.

After singing several songs onstage at the Rat, Mina Greiss, senior biology major, talked about the chaos that accompanies Homecoming. Greiss described Homecoming as a “tradition” and “fun.”

“But it takes away too much energy afterward,” he said.

The event served as a celebration for students new and old, kicking off Homecoming weekend festivities.

Many students were out representing their organizations, showing off their school pride in both the Rat and Brower Student Center.

Jess Dalpe, junior psychology major, declared Spirit Week the best thing about Homecoming because, as she said, “It gets the school excited.”