Revival of Dems healthy for political debate

The College Democrats made their comeback just in time. The political organization, dormant until last spring, has put on a number of events this semester, mirroring the efforts of their counterparts, the College Republicans.

The College Republicans have long been an admirably active organization on campus. They have brought speakers like Bob Barr, the libertarian nominee for president, to the College and their bid for Ann Coulter has just been approved by the Student Finance Board.

In the spring they held a mock presidential debate and held a party for Ronald Reagan.

These activities and more have helped raise political awareness at the College and have helped foster a healthy political discussion.

Students at the College have long been derided as an apathetic and uncaring bunch, and to some extent, that may still be true.

Nevertheless, groups like the College Republicans and Democrats are working to remedy this, as they strive to increase the political awareness and involvement of students on campus.

The problem in the past is that when only one side leads the debate, the debate can get well, one-sided.

That’s why it’s great to see the College Democrats rise from the ashes after a long period away from the campus’ political scene.

With upcoming events like Monday’s town hall-style meeting with Congressman Rush Holt, the Democrats are proving themselves to be a viable and active group intent on igniting political discourse and dialogue on campus.

By now, there are only 13 days left to what is being called one of the most important presidential elections in years. Record numbers of voters are expected to turn out, and people our age are expected to figure strongly.

Within the context of this historical event, more political involvement and action, by any group or organization, is to be commended.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a fluke or fad, spurred by partisan passions before the big election, but rather true committment to the intellectual spirit of the campus.