Attic produces club-like Ratmosphere

Last Friday, students were greeted by a clash of style and rhythm and treated to the musical talents of student bands Attic and Electric Panel at the College Union Board’s Student Band night.

Attic took the stage first, opening with John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” incorporating their characteristic hip-hop sound into the song. Attic, led by singer Mina Greiss, senior biology major, and keyboardist Pierre Miller, senior biology major, is known for its club-friendly adaptations of popular R&B songs.

The band members’ fraternity demonstrated its enthused support, accompanied by other campus Greeks. The melodies, complimented by the lingering aroma of Hollister perfume, provided a typical club atmosphere.

Compilations of popular party beats seem to be the band’s strong suit – a strength they flaunt frequently. The band’s creative mix of River Phoenix’s “Stand by Me” with Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girl” was received particularly well by the audience.

Greiss eagerly accepted a request from the crowd to cover Chris Brown’s “Wit You.” Judging by the frequency of requests, fans of the band seemed to appreciate Greiss’ pseudo-similarity to Brown’s sound.

After Attic had exhausted its own compilations of other individuals’ work, the band performed an original song. While he didn’t provide the name of the song, Greiss said, “This song is an original. You’ll find it on a lot of Web sites and stuff.”

The band closed with a version of Sara Bareillies’ “Love Song.”

“This is our first night performing this song, but I like it,” Greiss said.

Electric Panel faced the difficult task of following Attic. The band performed a series of rock and heavy-metal instrumental songs, displaying impressive ability in guitar and drums.

The band, consisting of Leo Mahaga, senior criminology major, on guitar and Andrew Oliva, College alumnus, on drums, projected a classic rock sound with a Jimi Hendrix undertone.

Though polar opposites in style, both bands were met with profound support from a zealous audience.