Aloud vocal on social, political issues

As part of the WTSR Concert Series, the socially conscious rock band Aloud visited the College on Oct. 1.

Aloud creates music for a reason, intending to end poverty and encourage people to stand up for political change. They are not pushovers, asserting, “No is not an option, not where we come from.”

“I just want to witness justice and forgiveness,” sang vocalist/guitarists Jen de la Rosa and Henry Beguiristain.

The Kendall Hall TV studio provided acoustics for the band, complementing their full, emotive sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Audience members got comfy in pink lawn chairs amidst studio lights, cameramen and audio equipment.

De la Rosa, Berguiristain and drummer Roy Fontaine performed a tight set with content moving from loneliness to romance to politics and back again. Early in the set, the band attacked President George W. Bush, singing, “We need a new deal or a superhero, not a zero.” They also sang, “There’s a meeting Monday morning with the suits out in the hall/they tap the wires and the telephones in case you try to call,” a reference to the Patriot Act.

On the topic of love, de la Rosa sang, “You say you don’t, don’t, don’t want to get married in a church. It’s alright.” Within the same song, they sang, “Though it feels like we’re going down, there’s something in your eyes that keeps me coming around.” In the song “Battle of Love,” the band continued their lovesick theme.

Responsible for Aloud’s righteous female vocals, de la Rosa sounded like Grace Slick, with Beguiristain accompanying her over melodious, structured rock as Fontaine tied the melodies together with his impressive drumming. De la Rosa and Berguirisain also performed several piano breakdowns.

De la Rosa said she is influenced by Joe Strummer and John Lennon musically, and these influences were apparent when she and Berguiristain sang lyrics like, “I know we can make it fall if enough have our backs to the wall,” and “I keep on working for devils I don’t know.”

In addition to urging audience members to visit their Web site, the band also suggested visiting to find out how to help end extreme poverty.

Aloud will continue their Fan the Fury tour in support of their album of the same name in places such as Vermont and Boston.

Visit to learn more about the band, to listen to their music and to find their tour documentary titled “Hard Up in the 2000s.”