Autumn Hoopla celebrates medieval festivities

With much ado, The Order of the Golden Lion (OGL), the College’s medieval re-enactment club, celebrated the onset of autumn with its third annual Autumn Hoopla Sunday afternoon.

Festivities commenced in fitting décor, thanks to the preparation members put into the event. Fiery-colored tablecloths and leaf-shaped pieces of colored glass adorned the tables. Many of the members enhanced the event’s presentation with their period clothing.

A generous spread of cubed cheese, dried fruit, apples and caramel, rolls with honey butter and apple cider, all prepared by OGL members, was laid out for guests.

OGL members also helped organize the Hoopla’s featured activities, including designing a coat of arms, traditional medieval dancing and archery.

Though the Hoopla as a whole was a splendid setup, the cast of characters hosting the event was even more interesting. Each member displayed their individual talents in dance, garb-making and archery, while providing instruction for eager-to-learn guests and fellow members.

Sarah Sickels, sophomore biology major, taught the group four different types of medieval dances, ranging in speed, difficulty and involvement, including a circle dance and three different partner-style dances.

The “Ring Lord,” or Brian Geuther, sophomore mechanical engineering major, boasts the title of on-campus chain mail expert.

“Chain mail is just a bunch of rings,” Geuther said in response to puzzled reactions regarding his nickname.

Chain mail was used as a protective garment worn in medieval times to prevent knife, sword or arrow penetration.

Geuther actually taught himself the art of chain mail, by using wire and looking online for weaves. His Hoopla prodigy, Mike Smith, freshman music education major, “started chain-mailing today.”

Dan Mitchell, sophomore biology major, was the “duck” in “duck hunt,” an archery game the club plays. “Basically you are going to shoot arrows at me and if you hit me you get a prize,” said the heavily padded Mitchell.

Archers competed for highly coveted prizes, including rubber ducks and candied apples.

The Order’s president, senior music education major Rachel Savicki, stressed her desire to expand the group’s membership, and said they “always love getting new people.” Savicki explained the Hoopla was originally intended as a “recruitment activity” to increase campus awareness of the club.

OGL meets every Wednesday at 4:30 pm in the Social Sciences Building, room 228.