Secondhand smoke prompts ‘No Smoking’ signs

The College recently stipulated non-smoking areas around Green Hall and Eickhoff Hall, in accordance with the College’s smoking policy and New Jersey’s Indoor Air Quality Regulations, Matthew Golden, executive director of Public Relations and Communications, said.

Building occupants and users had advised the department of Facilities and Administrative Services and the office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Services of the disagreeable odor of secondhand smoke throughout and around Green and Eickhoff halls, according to Golden.

The complaints were investigated and the source was determined to be people smoking too close to the buildings’ air intakes, which dispersed secondhand smoke throughout the complexes, according to Golden.

“(The College) attempted to correct the situation through air filter changes and sealing of windows,” Golden said. “These measures were not able to stop the secondhand smoke from entering the building. We then posted the signs to more clearly define the non-smoking areas.”

According to Golden, the College will not post additional signs unless complaints arise about smoke problems in or around other buildings on campus.

“It doesn’t really affect me since the signs are constantly being moved this and that way and aren’t very conspicuous,” Mark Castellazzo, freshman open options Culture and Society major, said. “No one smokes directly against the building anyway.”

Danny Pazos, freshman journalism major, agreed the non-smoking areas on campus have not changed his routine.

“I just found a different place,” Pazos said.