New faces set to lead athletics department

After head athletic trainer Joe Camillone’s retirement in June, there is a changing of the guard atop the athletic department. For the first time in 35 years, a new head athletic trainer has been appointed by John Castaldo, director of Athletics and Recreation.

Entering her ninth year of service in the College’s athletic department, Megan Guicheteau has been named interim head athletic trainer.

Guicheteau began her employment at the College in 1999 as a graduate assistant trainer and held the position for one year while earning her master’s degree in health education from the College in 2001. Guicheteau also earned a doctorate in health science from Nova Southeastern University in 2004.

After her year as a graduate assistant trainer, Guicheteau was named the College’s first full-time assistant athletic trainer. She held that position from then until her recent promotion to head athletic trainer.

A graduate of West Chester University (WCU) in 1999, Guicheteau worked as a student athletic trainer for the several of the Golden Rams’ teams while earning her bachelor’s degree in general education. She was also a volunteer for the Good Fellowship Ambulance Club and the WCU emergency medical services.

Discussing how working for the College differs from working at WCU, Guicheteau said, “It is a lot more laid back here. At West Chester I did not know all of the athletes. I like touching base with all teams and making sure care is appropriate.”

Guicheteau also doubles as an adjunct professor in the health and exercise science department, teaching sexual education and stress management. She sometimes uses her teaching background to educate the athletes she treats on how stress can affect their bodies negatively.

On her greatest memory while working for the College, Guicheteau said, “My first year at the College, the field hockey team won the national championship and the softball team got to nationals and getting to travel with them was very exciting.”

Because of Guicheteau’s appointment to the head athletic trainer position, the College is in the market for a new assistant athletic trainer. Castaldo has appointed Sergiusz Monasterski to serve as interim assistant athletic trainer. Since arriving at the College in January under temporary status, Monasterski has become an important component of the athletic training staff.

“I feel that I have a very good relationship with the students since I am an athlete myself, and this helps me to relate better to our student athlete population,” Monasterski said. “I know what they feel when they get hurt because I have been there before myself, and I feel that I can help them more by being able to relate to the same experiences.”

Monasterski received his bachelor’s degree in athletic training in 2007 from Kean University and worked for two years as an upper-class mentor in the athletic training room.

Monasterski served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1996 to 2003 and, prior to his honorary discharge, was an instructor and supervisor responsible for the training of military personnel.

Monasterski also worked as a medical intern for the New York Giants in 2006. He assisted in practice setups, as well as games and the rehabilitation of athletes.

According to Monasterski, “The most interesting thing about working with professional athletes was to see that they are just like any other athlete with the only difference that they make their living playing the game that they love.”

Before his work at the College, Monasterski worked as a graduate assistant with the men’s soccer team of Syracuse University.

Monasterski’s qualifications for the job include being certified as an athletic trainer and his training in the field of cardiopulmonary resuscitation from the American Red Cross. He also earned his certification as a personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise.

As the new faces of the College’s athletic department, Guicheteau and Monasterski are prepared to start a new era in Lions athletics.

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