TESS, ARTIE replaced by new program in fall 2009

Students and faculty will not have to deal with the TESS and ARTIE computer systems much longer.

TESS and ARTIE will soon be replaced by a new Student Administration Program that has perks TESS and ARTIE do not, according to Nicole Parkman, project manager for PeopleSoft, vendor of the new system.

Parkman said the changeover is on schedule and will be completed by fall 2009.

The new, completely Web-based program will have a back button, a faster response time and will be accessible virtually 24 hours a day, Parkman said.

“The most important thing is it has online auditing,” she said.

This would allow students to see what courses they would have to take if they changed majors. They would be able to see whether they could graduate on time, without having to physically see a counselor and fill out all the papers.

“We won’t have to deal with all of the paperwork,” Parkman said. “It will be one place where students can access their student records, financial aid, addresses and personal information.”

There will eventually be a booth in Brower Student Center where students will be able to see demonstrations of the Web site and give their feedback.

Students will also be involved in choosing the name for the new program. The choices are: Roar, Paws, Roscoe and Pride.

The office of Records and Registration plans to send a survey to students sometime in the near future to see what they think the new name should be.

“We want the students to have a voice,” Parkman said.

Parkman said transferring the information on TESS and ARTIE to the new program will take some time, but she is optimistic that the changeover will be completed in time for next year.