Palin provides hope for Republicans

Last week, the nation witnessed a phenomenal speech by Gov. Sarah Palin, as she became just the second woman in history to be put on a major party ticket, and the first woman ever to be on a Republican presidential ticket. The country was waiting on the edge of its seat to meet this dynamic, normal and everyday American woman. One news organization said an estimated 44 million people tuned into her speech, which is 6 million more than Sen. Barack Obama got for his Greek temple coronation as the “messiah.”

In Palin, we get the reform-minded leader we need in Washington. She is the perfect complement to John McCain, since both these individuals have lived everything Obama has only done with rhetoric and oratory. Obama talks change, but people need to understand there is both good and bad change. Palin, as a three-term mayor and first-term governor, fought her own party when its members were corrupt. She held oil companies accountable for their actions, and worked in a bipartisan manner, in addition to appointing Democrats and Independents to her cabinet. This is not only “change we can believe in,” as Obama declares about himself, but positive change we can trust because Palin has proven her record in Alaska.

No one can criticize Palin for an alleged lack of experience unless they first admit Obama is the most inexperienced candidate in at least 100 years. When Obama was merely a “community organizer,” Palin was already holding elected office, serving as a community organizer who actually had responsibilities and got things done. In her election as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, she got more votes than her opponent Joe Biden received in his campaign for the Presidency. An added plus to having Palin on this ticket is the undeniable fact that she is a distinguished executive and has experience running and managing governments.

Palin knows how to run a business and a government in an efficient and ethical manner. She did it with flying colors in Alaska, and there are many examples in her record to prove it. In keeping oil companies accountable, she increased a fee on companies that allowed her to send every Alaskan a $1,200 tax rebate check. The state government has a surplus, partly the result of her using the veto pen to reject more than half a billion dollars in wasteful spending. Corrupt people are out of office and in jail, including a former leader of her Republican party in Alaska. Palin is a proven individual who is willing to put country over party when principle dictates.

As Palin noted, she is going to break the glass ceiling in which Hilary put 18 million cracks. This highlights an issue over which the leftist feminists should be ashamed of themselves. Despite some of their disagreements on policy issues, they should be applauding Palin’s accomplishments in living up to what feminists desire for women: the ability to be educated, successful in the workforce and be a caring, loving mother if they so choose. But because Palin does not fit the radical pro-abortion, man-hating, ultra-leftist mold, they discount her with intimations that she isn’t a real woman. Shame on them and the media for daring to ask if she dedicates enough time to her family – when has a man with a family and a job or elected office ever been asked such things? The double standard is blatant and sickening. Any objective person would agree.

We need to usher in an era of the right change and positive reform in Washington. McCain and Palin will shake things up in Washington, and this is proven by their records and not just rosy speeches. This election is not about “using change to promote their careers, it’s about using their careers to promote change.” This is exactly what McCain’s record in the Senate has proven – even Biden said he’d be honored to run on a presidential ticket with McCain. Obama, the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, has been there less than 200 working days and has not done one single significant bipartisan thing. His running mate Biden has been in Washington for 36 years and is a part of the problem – riding Amtrak home from Washington at night doesn’t mitigate this fact.

So look to this election with objective eyes and hopeful hearts, and join in the real cause for true change that we can not just believe, but trust. Vote McCain and Palin: Help shake up Washington and make history by electing the first female vice president in American history. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is ready to lead.