SFB approves bid for ‘Best Week Ever’ crew

The first Student Finance Board (SFB) meeting of the semester awarded unanimous funding to the College Union Board (CUB). CUB received $16,406.80, the majority of which will be used to place a bid for the “Best Week Ever Comedy Show.”

If the bid is accepted, CUB’s premier comedy show for this semester will showcase three comedians from the popular VH1 TV show “Best Week Ever.” Each comic will perform a 20-minute set and combine for one skit at the conclusion. The comedians are yet to be announced.

“We started thinking about this comedy show in April, so it’s a great feeling (that we were) funded for this show,” Katerina Gkionis, CUB director, said in an e-mail. “I’m so excited that it is fully funded since we can now place an official bid for the comedy tour.”

According to Gkionis, CUB should know the status of its bid by next week, as well as which comedians will be available for the show.

The bid for the three comedians is $15,000. The rest of the funding would be used to pay for security, staff Kendall Hall, provide catering for the performers and print tickets.

There would be a $5 ticket price for the show, which is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 7.

Other business included the nominations of Alexa Kaminsky and Warren Samlin as freshman representatives for SFB.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $517,204.97, allocated a total of $16,406.80.