Assistant director of Student Activites hired over summer

The College recently hired Jessica Claar to fill the position of assistant director of Student Activities.

Among other responsibilities, Claar will be serving as an adviser to the College Union Board (CUB), a role that originally belonged to Tim Asher, director of Student Activities.

According to Claar, the transfer of responsibility was not caused by Asher’s recent appointment to the position of “interim director of the (Brower Student Center).” Claar said her role as advisor to CUB was in the original job description.

Claar also said she will be in charge of overseeing student organizations.

“With the division of Student Affairs making a concerted effort to be proactive and responsive to student need, my position was created,” Claar said.

Claar said she will be acting as a mentor to students in this capacity.

“This position provides the opportunity to work hands-on with students and become involved in their development as student leaders by advising and supporting their goals and endeavors,” Claar said.

“I am available to any students who have questions, needs or concerns with student programming,” she added.

She said she was initially attracted to the College because it is known to have a “great reputation and strong commitment to the undergraduate experience.”