Jewish fraternity given pre-active status by IGC

The Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity was voted a pre-active status chapter at the College through a 22-4 vote on April 23.

Dave Conner, assistant director of Fraternities and Sororities, said recognition of AEPi is the first attempted expansion of the Greek community using a combined expansion policy of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) and the office of Student Activities and Leadership Development that was implemented in January.

“The AEPi interest group has cooperated with my office and the College over the past two semesters to pursue the proper procedures for recognition as a fraternal organization,” Conner said. “I would like to officially welcome AEPi to (the College) and look forward to working with them to ensure their success here at the College.”

Conner said AEPi will remain pre-active for at least one calendar year. If all of the IGC policies are followed after one year, a vote to recognize the organization as an active status chapter will be held.

Max Marshall, president of the fraternity in spring 2007 when they were denied campus recognition, said Conner has been receptive to the organization.

“Recognition at the College has been our ultimate goal since the founding of our chapter,” Marshall said. “Dave Conner has been . very helpful throughout our dialogue with IGC.”

Scott Schwartz, the current AEPi president and president for next semester, said IGC’s attitude has been “tremendously better” than last year.

Brian Gross, president in fall 2007, said the attitude of other campus organizations has improved.

“The attitudes of every organization we speak to has turned into a friendly one,” Gross said. “We hope to participate in activities with every organization, and that will be our goal for the next semester.”

Marshall said he believes the four organizations who voted against them probably felt competition for attracting members.

“However, since we generally appeal to a unique demographic, the existence of AEPi is likely to draw more focus to the Greek community rather than constrict the applicant pool for existing organizations,” he said.

Marshall said their number one priority will be proving that they deserve to be part of the campus community.

“We will be able to officially hold events on campus including philanthropies and athletics, and we plan to make the best of this new opportunity to engage the (the College) community,” Marshall said.

“We are so elated to be recognized on campus and we have to thank the IGC and Dave Conner for all their support,” Gross said. “The goal of the IGC is to make the best Greek system possible, and we hope to contribute a lot to this lofty goal.”