SFB leaves money in Gospel Choir Ministries’ collection plate

The Student Finance Board (SFB) awarded $2,317 to Gospel Choir Ministries (GCM) for “Extravaganza,” a dance and performance event, after denying GCM’s request last week.

GCM revised its numbers to accommodate more students than non-students. At last week’s meeting GCM projected 100 more non-students would attend than on-campus students. GCM amended its projections to cater this event toward students.

“This is a good event and the numbers are revised,” Matthew McCann, SFB senior representative, said. “It should be a successful event.”

The annual event will showcase Tia Pittman Ministries & Greenlight Music. It is scheduled for April 26 in Forcina Hall room 134.

SFB unanimously denied funding for TCNJ Musical Theatre’s (TMT) “Side by Side by Sondheim.” This is a scheduled musical revue featuring songs of Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim. Members of TMT requested this performance because some of them were upset with the selection of “Star Wars! the Musical” and want to perform something more classical.

TMT began rehearsing for this event in January, but did not request funding until three weeks before the show. The requested $3,000 would have been used to pay the musical director’s fee.

When SFB asked how they proposed to pay for the musical director if they weren’t awarded funding, TMT members said they were unsure what they would do.

TMT also requested $1,800 to rent a baby grand piano from Beethoven Pianos in New York City. Of the piano rental quotes provided, SFB pointed out there was the same piano for only $860. This package would include free delivery and pickup as well as one tuning on location. TMT argued the more expensive piano would be “ideal” for this type of performance.

Ultimately, SFB reached an agreement that the piano could be paid for through ticket sales. There is a $6 ticket price for students and an $8 price for non-students. As for the director’s fee, SFB was not comfortable that TMT has had a verbal agreement for three months with the director without knowing if they had the means to pay him.

Chabad was awarded $314 by a 9-4 vote for “Passover Seders.” They requested $1,889.

This event would have been scheduled for April 19 and 20, the first days of Passover. However, Jewish Student Union (JSU) is also hosting a Seder that same weekend. SFB asked why the groups aren’t co-sponsoring the event.

SFB ultimately awarded the same amount it gave to JSU, which was $300. The extra $14 would be used for publicity.

A “Leather-Making Workshop,” hosted by Order of the Golden Lion, was allocated $335.50 unanimously.

Students will have the opportunity to produce their own leather belts in about 10 to 30 minutes, for free. This workshop is scheduled for April 18 in Eickhoff room 113.

“I like the event and it’s pretty cheap,” Bill Fenimore, SFB administrative director, said. “The location should help a lot too.”

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $48,189.54, allocated a total of $2,966.50.