SGA 50K request denied, then tabled

The Student Government Association (SGA) requested $49,850 for “TCNJ Carnival” at the Student Finance Board (SFB) meeting on Wednesday, but SFB tabled the request.

SGA requested funds for TCNJ Carnival last week as well, but SFB denied funding because it was wary of dipping into reserve funds. The Special Appropriations Line, which is used to fund requests like “Carnival,” did not have the money necessary to accept the request. However, this week SFB beefed up the line with approximately $58,000 it received as washbacks from Celebration of the Arts and a College Union Board comedy show.

In discussing the request, some members raised the issue of inclement weather, and whether SGA would have to pay another fee to reschedule the event, information SGA did not have available at the meeting.

SFB members were reluctant to table the request because SGA needs to start planning the event. SFB members didn’t want to make a rash decision without knowing all the details. Once SGA provides information on hazardous weather, SFB will vote on the appropriate amount of funding.

SGA was awarded $13,842.28 for “Spring FinalsFest” by an 8-4-1 vote.

The annual event is provided to reduce stress of students during finals week. Funds will pay for a luau theme, which will feature grilled food, a mocktail bar, tie-dyeing and free massages. Subtracted costs included mugs, pens and highlighters.

SFB allocated $5,577 to the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) by a 13-1 vote for the lectures “Train the Trainers” and “Can I Kiss You?”

Mike Domitrz, executive director of the Date Safe Project, will lecture on peer education and sexual assault. His programs will cost $5,500. In addition, IGC will receive funds for publicity. SFB removed the costs of one half-page Signal ad and temporary tattoos.

This event is scheduled for April 14 in the New Library Auditorium.

The College Republicans were awarded $5,000 to bring possible presidential candidate Bob Barr to the College.

“It’s a good idea to fund this because we haven’t had any political speakers on campus this semester,” Sheil Naik, SGA assistant representative, said.

Barr is scheduled to speak on April 23 in Forcina Hall Room 130.

IGC’s second request was unanimously awarded $3,580.50 to fund “Spring Fling.” Members of IGC billed this event as one to “hopefully break the stereotype that the general body of (the College) has against Greek Life.”

Funding will be used to pay for food, a DJ, a mechanical bull and an inflatable attraction. This is scheduled to take place on the Sundial Lawn on April 18.

SFB denied funding to Gospel Choir Ministries (GCM) to host “Extravaganza.”

Jim Gallagher, equipment center manager, said, “It’s a completely flawed event.”

GCM proposed bringing three different gospel groups to perform at the College. The only room available to them was Forcina Hall Room 134, which has a room capacity of 300 students. GCM projected between 150-200 students would attend and 200-300 non-students would show up.

SFB members said College students should have precedence, and did not like the idea of having more non-students expected to come.

“They picked the room and didn’t adjust to the room,” Gallagher said. “I don’t think they’re aiming (this event) at (College) students.”

Unión Latina received $2,275 for two additional events for Latin Awareness Celebration Month, “Copa Night” and “In the Heights.”

“Copa Night” will be a formal dance celebrating Latino culture and music. “In the Heights” is a musical focusing on the Latino society in New York.

The White Ribbon Campaign’s request for a “Sexual Assault Awareness Month Coffeehouse” was denied funding by an 8-6 vote.

The $390.80 White Ribbon requested would have been used to pay for refreshments and pastries.

Protestant Bible Fellowship (PBF) was denied funding by a 7-6-1 vote. PBF asked for $117 for a “Baptism Service.” Funds would have paid for two lifeguards and publicity.

Three students are going to be baptized at the pool in Packer Hall. PBF projected at least 40 people were expected to attend, most of those comprising family members of the baptized and professors.

PBF did say it would hold the event even if no funding was awarded. Ultimately, SFB followed its manual, which says if an event can happen if SFB does not pay for it, SFB does not have to pay.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $75,624.44, allocated a total of $30,274.78.