News Bits

Sweden’s famed Absolut vodka will become absolutely French – in ownership at least – following a successful $8.34 billion bid from Pernod Ricard – a spirits company based in France.

A woman mauled by two cheetahs at the wildlife refugee she owns in Florida said the attack was “not a big deal.”

You don’t have to do mouth-to-mouth breathing anymore to save someone whose heart has stopped. In a major change to its CPR guidelines, the American Heart Association now said it’s OK to do chest compression alone until help arrives.

A coroner dismissed the conspiracy theory that Princess Diana was murdered in a secret service plot at the behest of Britain’s royal family.

Archaeologists believe the start of the first excavation at Stonehenge in more than 40 years may provide vital clues that will allow them to understand when and why the prehistoric monument was built.

New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, 84, announced he is running for office again despite his age.

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